total body photography
digital monitoring


What is Total Body Photography (TBP):

TBP is a series of multiple high resolution digital photographs that are taken from head to toe of the patient’s skin. This photographic record is then used as a baseline and the patient tracks changes over time in existing moles but also checks for the presence of new moles and new skin cancers. Changes in moles can be in the form of size, shape and colour change. The photographs are saved to a CD which has built in specialised viewing software that allows you to zoom in for close up views of suspicious moles. The main advantages of TBP is it reduces unnecessary biopsies and melanomas are caught at a much earlier stage.

For additional reading material: Feit NE, Dusza SW, Marghoob AA. Melanomas detected with the aid of total cutaneous photography. Br J Dermatol 2004;150:706-14.


Who would benefit from TBP?

  • People that are fair skinned with sun damage

  • People who have a personal history of melanoma

  • People with a family history of melanoma

  • People who have many moles, including dysplastic naevi (moles that are irregular in shape, non-uniform in colour and generally larger than ordinary moles)

  • People that are anxious about moles

How to prepare for the procedure:

TBP approximately takes 30 minutes. Privacy is ensured at all stages.

  • Make-up: Should be kept to a minimum

  • Hair: Please bring a hair tie so that no hair is covering over skin areas like the face, back, neck and shoulders.

  • Jewellery: Please remove all jewellery beforehand.

  • Underwear: We ask that underwear be neutral in colour and of a brief style.


$220 per total body procedure.

Payment Options:

Payment is required at the time of the procedure. We accept VISA, EFTPOS, Mastercard and Cash. No cheques.


Q: Do you need a referral?
A: A referral is not required for Total Body Photography.

Q: How often are the photos taken?
A: The photos will last for 5 years for individuals less than 35 years of age and 8 years if you are older than 35 years of age.

Q: Is the equipment used harmful?
A: The equipment used is a digital camera so is not harmful to you in any way.

Q: When do I receive the CD?
A: You receive the CD on the day of the procedure. This is then used for self examination and for you to take to your general skin checks with your Dr or dermatologist.

Q: Is there a Medicare rebate for Total Body Photography?

A: Medicare does not cover this procedure, however some Health Funds may provide a rebate so please check with your Insurer.